I am an assistant professor in computer science and VENI laureate since September 2016. My research focuses on the statistical modeling of natural languages, with the main goal of improving the quality of machine translation for challenging language pairs.

Interested in my work ? See my Research page.


  • ***************************************************************************************
    [Aug 2017]   I HAVE MOVED TO LEIDEN UNIVERSITY AS ASSISTANT PROFESSOR ***************************************************************************************

  • [Jul 2017]   Paper accepted at EMNLP 2017: "Dynamic Data Selection for Neural Machine Translation", M. van der Wees, A. Bisazza and C. Monz.
  • [Apr 2017]   Paper accepted at ACL 2017: "Data Augmentation for Low-Resource Neural Machine Translation", M. Fadaee, A. Bisazza and C. Monz.
  • [Apr 2017]   Paper accepted at ACL 2017: "Learning Topic-Sensitive Word Representations", M. Fadaee, A. Bisazza and C. Monz.
  • [Oct 2016]   I'm coming back to work (very gradually) after an extraordinary summer spent on maternity leave!
  • [Sep 2016]   Paper accepted at COLING 2016: "Measuring the Effect of Conversational Aspects on Machine Translation Quality", M. van der Wees, A. Bisazza and C. Monz.
  • [Jul 2016]   I won a VENI grant (250K personal grant from the Dutch research funding agency) to fund my project "Connecting the Dots: Minimal Structure Modeling for Machine Translation"!

Research interests

(for more details see my Research page)

Machine Translation:

  • Translation from/into morphologically rich languages
  • Neural language and translation modeling
  • Enhancing statistical models with linguistically motivated techniques
  • Word reordering between distant languages
  • Domain adaptation

Speech Recognition:

  • Linguistic pre-processing and language modeling methods for morphologically rich languages


  • Italian, English and French
  • ... but more interestingly: Turkish (advanced speaking and reading) and Arabic (mostly reading).