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[Arabella Jane Sinclair]

Postdoc, ILLC, University of Amsterdam (UVA)

I am a postdoc at the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation(ILLC), UvA. I am part of the Dialogue Modelling group, working on the DREAM (Distributed dynamic Representations for diAlogue Management) project under Raquel Fernandez.

My work explores speaker adaptation in dialogue, I am particularly interested in how this applies to second language learner dialogue, in order to foster student learning. My interest in Natural Language Processing first came about because I enjoy learning languages and thinking about how people communicate in general.


Tutorbot Corpus: Evidence of Human-Agent Verbal Alignment in Second Language Learner Dialogues. Arabella Sinclair, Kate McCurdy, Adam Lopez, Christopher G. Lucas and Dragan Gasevic. In Proceedings of EDM 2019. pdf Bibtex

I wanna talk like you: Speaker Adaptation to Dialogue Style in L2 Practice Conversation. Arabella Sinclair, Rafael Ferreira, Dragan Gasevic, Christopher G. Lucas and Adam Lopez. In Proceedings of AIED 2019. pdf Bibtex

Does ability affect alignment in second language tutorial dialouge? Arabella Sinclair, Adam Lopez, Christopher G. Lucas and Dragan Gasevic. In Proceedings of SIGDIAL 2018. pdf Bibtex

Finding the Zone of Proximal Development: Student-Tutor Second Language Dialogue Interactions. Arabella Sinclair, Jon Oberlander, Dragan Gasevic, SEMDIAL 2017 (SaarDial) Workshop on the Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue pdf Bibtex

Educational Programming Languages: The Motivation to Learn with Sonic Pi PPIG (Psychology of Programming Interest Group) presents the results of a study exploring the effects of different programming languages on new learners' success at retaining programming concepts, conducted at Cambridge University under the supervision of Alan Blackwell. I also gave a talk about it, the details of which can be found at talks.cam.