My great-aunt Kitty Ponse (Cornelia Catharina Ponse 1, Sumatra 1897 - Geneva 1982, photo: 1923) was the last family member who lived in Geneva, where she became a professor at Geneva University (Dept. of Genetics & Evolution):

The family house Villa Ermitage in Onex-Geneva (watch the balcony). Since 1961, Kitty Ponse rented lifelong a chalet in Les Haudères (Val d'Hérens) where many visits were paid by students, colleagues, and family members.

Sumatra, Indonesia

Kitty Ponse with her mother Cornelia Catharina Alberda (1862-1947)

Her father Johannes Theodorus Ponse (1862-1908)

1. Also known as Tante Poppie

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