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I'm member of the System and Network Engineering of the informatics institute of the University of Amsterdam. My research interests are in scientific workflow management systems for e-Infrastructure. Besides my research activity I'm member of the program committee of the MSc Computer Science


Keywords: Distributed and grid-based system architectures, workflows, SOA, WSRF


Workshop co-organized:

SWES06 (Reading, UK), SWBES06 (Amsterdam, NL), SWES07 (Beijing, CN), SWBES07 (Bangalore, IN), SWES08 (Lyon, FR), WACS08 (Krakow, PL), SWES09 (Shanghai, CH), PC3 challenge 2009 (Amsterdam, NL), MDGS11 (Bordeau, FR).

Special issue Workflow Management Systems:

Future Generation Computer Systems (Volume 25, Issue 5, Pages 489-598, May 2009)

Journal of Scientific Programming (Volume 14, Numbers 3-4, , 2006)

On going Projects I'm involved in:

gSLM gSLM project is a European project aims to improve Service Level Management (SLM) in the grid domain.

COMMIT is a grand challenges in information and communication science shaping tomorrow's society

group Web page :

System and Network Engineering

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