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Multimedia Programming Project

This project for Computer Science students at the University of Amsterdam runs in period 6 (the month of june).

This course is about the basic principles of multimedia. It’s about samples and pixels, about images, sound and video. It´s about working with uncertain information (measurements) and redundant information (and hence the possibility to compress it).

This course is not about making nice websites with a lot of sound, images and video. For courses on multimedia authoring and production we refer to a lot of other courses that are taught at the University of Amsterdam.

This is also not a course on using multimedia in information systems, again for courses where multimedia is the center of human centered informatics we refer to other courses.

This is a short course that serves several purposes: it introduces some of the low level stuff involved in programming multimedia applications and secondly it introduces you to programming for Android devices (phones and/or tablets).

Although we do introduce the basic concepts in Android programming it is not a full fledged course in that respect. You will learn just enough to make your first app.

Another purpose of this course is to tap into your creativity. In a group of max 7 students you are asked to make your own multimedia app. You can make the game you always envisioned and to be the next 'Angry Bird' alternative developer, or you can make an app that reads your power meter at home by pointing the camera in the tablet at it and tells you how much energy you are using (sorry that app was done two years ago...) or you can make an app that plays music and adds some effect to it (also done in a previous year) or.... the possibilities are endless. The one thing that needs to be in the app is multimedia: text, sound, images, video etc...

And without doubt the most important purpose of this course is to work hard, to learn a lot and enjoy the journey as well as the destination.

Table of Contents