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Multimedia Programming Project

This project for Computer Science students at the University of Amsterdam runs in period 6 (the month of june).

This course is about the basic principles of multimedia. It’s about samples and pixels, about images, sound and video. It´s about working with uncertain information (measurements) and redundant information (and hence the possibility to compress it).

This course is not about making nice websites with a lot of sound, images and video. For courses on multimedia authoring and production we refer to a lot of other courses that are taught at the University of Amsterdam.

This is also not a course on using multimedia in information systems, again for courses where multimedia is the center of human centered informatics we refer to other courses.

This is a short course that serves several purposes: it introduces some of the low level stuff involved in programming multimedia applications and secondly it motivates you to program through the use of libraries such as: OpenCV and Numpy.

Another purpose of this course is to tap into your creativity. In a group of max 5 students you are asked to make your own multimedia application and explore the world of multimedia: text, sound, images, video, etc...

And without doubt the most important purpose of this course is to work hard, to learn a lot and enjoy the journey as well as the destination.