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A. Originality of concept(s):
- Is the information wholly or partly new, or mostly familiar? (If not original, list prior reference under Comments).
Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor
B. References:
- Is related work on this topic adequately recognized, barely mentioned or neglected?
Recognized Barely mentioned Neglected
C. Technical soundness:
- Is the material consistent and correct; are the conclusions well supported (Note any errors on the manuscript in Comments).
Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor
D. Importance of results:
- Does the authors explain why this work was done? Did they explain the relevance to other applications?
Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor
E. Clarity of presentation:
- Is the manuscript well written, are ideas well expressed? (Note any unclear passages under Comments below.)
Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor
F. Organisation of the manuscript:
- Is the paper well organised and easy to follow? Is the topic adequatetly and concisely treated, or are some sections too brief or too wordy?
Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor

If you were reviewer of an Autonomous Systems conference, what would your recommendation for this manuscript be?
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