O Opleiding Kunstmatige Intelligentie - Zoeken, Sturen en bewegen`

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"Zoeken, Sturen en Bewegen"


This is the information of year 2007

The site of the previous year 2006 can be found here.

The last week the course is dedicated to experimentation.

Go, where no one has gone before.

This time it is not the result that counts, but your summery of your survey. Document your progress, experiments and decisions in a LabBook. You will be evaluated on your LabBook at the end of the week.

Here is the schedule for the last day and the location of the labbooks:

10:20 Jan Hlobil, Tim Doolan, Bart vd Poel, Quang Nguyen Domino Day LabBook
10:40 Roelof Reinders, Tjebbe Vlieg Tower of Hanoi LabBook
11:00 Wouter Josemans, Patrick Mast Duplo Board LabBook
11:20 Wessel Luijben, Matthijs Dinant , Ricus Smid Umi Sudoku LabBook
11:40 Daniel Reus, Djura Smits Maze Explorer LabBook
12:00 lunch
13:00 Jevon van Dijk, Quirine Tordoir Boxes 'kamertje verhuren' LabBook
13:20 Tom Aizenberg, Arno Veenstra Searching for life on Euclides LabBook
13:40 Sicco van Sas, Rory Breuk Automated Rummikub LabBook
14:00 Patrick de Kok, Arseniy Storozhev Aibo's skateboard LabBook
14:20 Irma Cornelisse, Hessel van der Molen Aibo's xylofone LabBook

Last updated 28 June 2007

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