O Opleiding Kunstmatige Intelligentie - Zoeken, Sturen en bewegen`

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"Zoeken, Sturen en Bewegen"


This is the information of year 2013

The experiments of previous years can be found here.

The experiments of the current year can be found here.

The last week the course is dedicated to experimentation.

Go, where no one has gone before.

This time it is not the result that counts, but your summery of your survey. Document your progress, experiments and design decisions on a website. This website contains a proposal of what robotics' application you would like to build, and your experimental approach to accomplish (part of) this proposal in the given timeframe. You will be evaluated on your website at the end of the week. The criteria of evaluation will be

  • Technical difficulty
  • Scientific rigor
  • Community impact
  • Experimental skills

Here is a list of groups and their reports:

Sebastien Negrijn, Vincent Erich, Martijn Wardenaar and Jelle Koster Basic order picking met behulp van de KUKA YouBot report
Tom Koenen and Lotte Weerts Sphero Corridor Mapping - Mapping op basis van collision detectie met een robotische bal report
Micha de Groot and Peter Bontenbal Chaostheorie bij de vorming van files report
Janosch Haber, Michiel Boswijk and Joost Hoppenbrouwer 3D Tic-Tac-Toe voor de UMI RTX robot arm report
Iason de Bondt, Ivo Hoolwerf, Jorgos Tsovilis and Tom van den Bogaart Fight or Flee - Herprogrammeren van een Aibo ERS-7 report
Gerben van der Huizen, Michael Chen, David van der Kooij, Lucas Twisk, Kyllian Broers and Tom van den Bogaart Vier op een Rij report
Duco de Vries, Jeroen Rijnbout and Romy Visser Using a coloured-based tracking algorithm to avoid collisions with the Crazyflie Nano Quadcopter report
Laura Helgering, Fien Pluymaekers and Lois Mooiman Geluidsherkenning door de Aibo report
M. Offerhaus, B. Postma, T. A. Unger Action Through Color Recognition for Sony's AIBO report
Tim Leunissen, Ilse van der Linden, Tomas Bijkerk, Alexander van Someren and Nynke Schaafsma AR.Drone Fotografie - semi-autonome portretfoto's met behulp van gezichtsherkenning report

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