RoboCup Rescue


The assignment for the RoboCup Rescue Simulation League is to build an Multi-Agent Community for Rescue Operations in Simulated Systems. The University of Amsterdam has participated in the 2003 competition, both in Germany and Italy.

Specific for our approach will be construction of the WorldModel for each team of agents in the field (FireBrigades, AmbulanceTeams, PoliceForces), and additionally an estimation of the WorldModel of teams in the neighbourhood. This knowledge makes it easier to initiate the most appropiate cooperation between the different teams (see the workshop article).

The WorldModel can be decoupled in a high-level and low-level part. The high-level part is a situation assesment, indicating the severity of the problems on different sectors on the map. This situation assesment is synchronised between all agents via the centers on a regular basis (every 5 cycles). The low-level part are observations about roads, buildings, civilians. These observations are shared with team members that are nearby (see the symposium article).

During the German Open (see the report), it became clear that one has to be very carefully with the available computing power to guarantee that the agents decide before the end of the simulation cycle which action they take.

In the following two months we reduced the needed computing power with a factor of 50, which made it possible for an agent not only to consider its own actions, but also those from its team-mates (see the workshop presentation). Reduction of computing power always has is price, in this case the memory usage. Unfortunally in Italy memory was more scarce than computing power, so the UvA Rescue C2003 was not succesfully in its ranking.

After the summer the team relaxed the restrictions of the competition on the code to be able to research the impact of their communication and coordination models. The result is the following Master thesis.


Paduva, Italy (Robocup 2003)
  1. Arian
  2. YowAI2003
  3. SOS
    Amir Kabir University of Technology, Iran
  4. Black Sheep
  5. Eternity
  6. PAKRescueTeam
  7. PolyteCS 03
    Amir Kabir University of Technology, Iran
  8. ResQ Freiburg
  9. Rayan
    Amir Kabir University of Technology, Iran
  10. SBCE_Saviour
    Shahid Beheshti University, Iran
  11. NITRescue
  12. RobotAkut
  13. SBCE_RES
    Shahid Beheshti University, Iran
  14. ToosRes
    Ferdowsi University of Mashhahd, Iran
  15. Uva Rescue C2003
  16. Ferdowski
    Ferdowsi University of Mashhahd, Iran
  17. Banzai
Padderborn, Germany (German Open 2003)
  1. ResQ Freiburg
  2. Uva Rescue C2003
  3. Arian


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  • @ All Logfiles of the 2003 competition.
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