The transformation of an omnidirectional image to bird-eye view map.

RoboCup Rescue


The assignment for the RoboCup Rescue Simulation League is to build an Multi-Agent Community for Rescue Operations in Simulated environments. The Universiteit van Amsterdam has participated in the Rescue League since 2003, both in Germany and Italy, and participate remotely in the Rescue Middle Earth competition 2004. In 2006, the UvA participated in the new Virtual League in Bremen, where they became 3rd. Additionally they received a prize for their mapping algorithm. In Atlanta (RoboCup 2007), the team again reached the semi-finals. In Hannover (German Open 2008) the UvA reached the finals. After this date, our team joined forces with Oxford in the Amsterdam Oxford Joint Rescue Forces. With this team we were present at Suzhou (RoboCup 2008) and remotely present in Salvador (Latino American Open 2008). In the latter competition we became fully autonomous the champion. Publications related to the Virtual League can be found at the wiki-site.

This year the Amsterdam Oxford Joint Rescue Forces will participate in several RoboCup competitions. The first will be the German Open competition, 20-24 April in Hannover. At the German Open 2009 we won all three challenges at the preliminaries: the teleoperation, mapping and deployment test. The World Cup took place in Graz, Austria, where our team won the runner-up final. In Graz our team also particpated in the Interleague Challenge, and became 2nd. So, our corporation with Oxford is very successful. Our approach for the competition of 2009 is outlined in the team description paper. For the latest developments, you should check the research logs of the different teammembers.


  • Quang Nguyen, "A Color Based Range Finder for an Omnidirectional Camera", Bachelor's thesis, Universiteit van Amsterdam (June 2009) ( PDF ).
  • Christiaan Walraven, "Using path planning to grade the quality of a mapper", Bachelor's thesis, Universiteit van Amsterdam (June 2009) ( PDF ).

See the list of this year publications at Amsterdam Oxford Joint Rescue Forces website.

Updated September 2009