Homotopy Type Theory 2016: Presentation topics

Book chapters

  1. Sets and logic in homotopy type theory: Chapter 3 of the HoTT book
  2. Equivalences, the univalence axiom and function extensionality: Chapter 4 of the HoTT book
  3. Higher inductive types: Chapter 6 of the HoTT book

Other possible presentation topics

  1. The general theory of categorical models of type theory: paper by Hofmann
  2. Groupoid model: Hofmann and Streicher, The groupoid interpretation of type theory. Available here
  3. The univalent model in simplicial sets, see here
  4. Types as omega-groupoids: Van den Berg and Garner, Bourke and Lumsdaine
  5. Identity types and weak factorisation systems: Gambino and Garner , Awodey and Warren

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