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Who am I?


I am Professor for Astronomy at the Anton Pannekoek Institute of Astronomy which is part of the Faculty for Natural Sciences of the University of Amsterdam


  • Web: My Homepage at University of Amsterdam
  • Email: dominik AT uva DOT nl
  • Address: Anton Pannekoek Institute for Astronomy, University of Amsterdam, Science Park 904, NL-1098XH Amsterdam
  • Phone: +31 20 525 7477

CV and Publications

CV - Key data

  • Full Professor at University of Amsterdam 2014
  • Special Professor at Radboud University 2008-2014
  • Associate Professor 2008
  • Assistent Professor 2003
  • Postdoc at University of Amsterdam, 1999-2003
  • Postdoc at Leiden University, Netherlands, 1995-1999
  • National Research Council Fellow at NASA Ames Research Center 1993-1995
  • PhD 1993, Technical University Berlin

A more detailed CV can be found in this PDF file.


A list of my publications can be found at here.

Current Projects

Are We Alone



Nationale Wetenschapsagenda


Here is some out-of-date stuff, needs to be updated.

Planet Formation

Protoplanetary disks

Debris disks



Research group

Current group members

  • Prof. L.B.F.M. Waters, director of SRON, and still profssor at API.
  • Lucas Ellerbroek, Postdoc
  • Tomas Stolker, PhD student, working on protoplanetary disks in polarized light
  • Lucia Klarmann, working on interferometric studies of protoplanetary disks.
  • Kaustubh Hakim studies the mineralogy of rocky exoplanets
  • Gabriela Muro Arena, studies protoplanetary disks with ALMA and SPHERE.
  • Allona Vazan works on the nternal structure and evolution of giant (exo)planets and super earth exoplanets

Other staff members and senior researchers in the Cosmic Origins group

Previous group members

  • Dominik Paszun, PhD 2008, now working at…..
  • Mihkel Kama, PhD 2013, after that Postdoc in Leiden with E. van Dishoeck, now at Cambridge University
  • Michiel Min, Postdoc -2015, now leader of the exoplanet group at SRON
  • Gijs Mulders, PhD 2013, Now postdoc at Arizona University
  • Rik van Lieshout, PhD 2015, now postdoc at Cambridge University with Prof. Mark Wyatt.
  • Sebastiaan Krijt, PhD 2014 (Leiden, Promotor A. Tielens and C. Dominik), now postdoc at Chicago University, with F. Ciesla

Other stuff

Emacs packages

Here is a list of the Emacs packages I wrote. Most have been integrated into Emacs, the rest is still maintained by me and you can find the latest versions here.

  • In Emacs
    • Org-mode - An Emacs mode for notes and projet planning.
    • IDLWAVE - The Emacs modes for editing and running IDL and WAVE CL files. With important contributions from Chris Chase and J.D. Smith.
    • RefTeX - Support for LaTeX Labels, References and Citations with GNU Emacs.
    • texmathp.el - checking LaTeX buffers for Math mode.
  • Not in Emacs
    • CDLaTeX - more LaTeX functionality for Emacs, in particular fast templates and optimizes insertion of math symbols.
    • constants.el - An Emacs package for inserting the definition of natural constants and units into a source code buffer, for a number of different programming languages.

Other tools

  • Dirabbrev - Using abbreviations for directories in the shell
  • CHAIN - A tool for running a code with different sets of parameters
  • MPP - A preprocessor tool for creating MPEG and other movie streams
  • PSFIXBB - fixing the BoundingBox in postscript files
  • TFMT - A table formatting tool

HP calculators

The SystemRPL entry database and related information. SystemRPL is the internal programming language for HP calculators (HP48 and later).

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