HP calculators

I have written some software for the HP49G and HP49G+ calculators, a book about SystemRPL, and a database of SystemRPL and ML entry points. Much of this is also available from the HP48 Software Archive. Here is also a direct link to a list of my contributions.

Programming in System RPL

Together with Eduardo M. Kalinowski I have written a 600+ pages book on how to program the HP49G in System RPL. The book is freely available, and you can just download it here. A separate file contains the example programs used in the book.

Entry database

The entry database is a list of about 7000 SystemRPL and ML entry points which can be used to program the HP calculators 38G, 39G, 48G, and 49G.


Emacs is an extension to the built-in editor of the HP49G. It provides Editor and development support on the HP49G and integrates several libraries and built-in tools into a full development environment. The current Emacs version is 2.10. For details and download, check this page.