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Postdoc positions Origins of life studies in Amsterdam


(Astro-)physicists, chemists and biologists from four research institutes (API, HIMS, IBED and SILS) of the University of Amsterdam have set up a collaborative research and training program on the origins and fundamental aspects of life, including the possibilities for life elsewhere in the universe or alternative life forms on Earth. This is part of a larger national research activity on ‘Origins and Evolution of Life – on Earth and in the Universe’, one of the routes that were defined in the National Research Agenda (Nationale Wetenschapsagenda NWA). The projects focus on studying networks of molecules and/or organisms of minimal complexity, using a chemical and a computational approach, and on the discovery of new biomarkers for remote detection of life.

4 Postdoctoral Research positions have become available recently for this project. The researchers will be embedded in an interdisciplinary network covering Biology, Chemistry and Astrophysics. The following three positions are currently advertised:

  1. Alternative life networks, chemical approach:
  2. Alternative life networks, computational approach:
  3. Biomarkers in planetary and exoplanetary atmospheres
  4. The postdoctoral fellow for the fourth position on Colors for Photosynthesis on Earth and Exoplanets has already been identified.

For details, please follow the links above or contact the network coordinator Carsten Dominik.

Author: C. Dominik

Created: 2020-10-28 Wed 06:59