Atmosphere cloud model
Description Python scripts to compute the physical profile of single-species clouds for exoplanets
Requirements python, numpy, scipy
References Ormel & Min (2019)
Downloads cloudmodel.tar.gz (vDec-2018)

Pebble accretion effiencies
Description Python scripts to compute the pebble accretion filtering fractions (epsilon)
References Liu & Ormel (2018)
Ormel & Liu (2018)
Downloads epsilon.tar.gz (vAug-2018)

Description Opacity tables for dust aggregates in molecular clouds. The opacity-all file contains the full phase matrix data.
References Ormel et al. (2009)
Ormel et al. (2011)
Downloads opacities-summ.tar.gz (0.4 Mb; vSep-2013)
opacities-all.tar.gz (20 Mb; vSep-2013)

Description Numerical implementation of a toy model described in Ormel & Kobayashi
Requirements python2.7, numpy, scipy
References Ormel & Kobayashi (2012)
Downloads coregrowth0.80.tar.gz (v30-Nov-2011)