The efficiency of pebble accretion
Pebble accretion in realistic flows
How the core affects the radius of sub-Neptune Planets
When pebbles become too hot for cores to eat
Learning about pebbles from FU-Ori outbursts

Atmosphere recycling of super-Earths
Formation of TRAPPIST-1
Pebble accretion review chapter!
Planetesimal formation: the snowline to the rescue.
Planet dynamics with Magnetospheric Rebound
A panoptic model for planetesimal formation and pebble delivery
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Hydrodynamics of Planets' First Atmospheres
Grain growth in protoplanetary atmospheres
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Form Jupiter — and get Saturn for free!
Coregrowth: a python toy model to follow planet formation
Opacity calculation for evolving dust aggregates in dense molecular clouds
The effect of gas drag on the growth of protoplanets
The dust size distribution in coagulation-fragmentation equilibrium
Distinguishing between runaway and oligarchic growth of protoplanets
Monte Carlo simulations of planetesimal accretion

Monte Carlo simulations of dust collisions: bouncing dominates
Coagulation and fragmentation in molecular clouds
Monte Carlo simulations at near-infinite resolution