Computational Semantics

LOT Summer School Course

Leiden, June 15 - 19, 2009

Jan van Eijck and Christina Unger

Course level Intermediate

Course Overview Computational semantics is the art and science of computing meanings for the expressions of natural language. Meaning is a relation between linguistic expressions and the structures in the world outside language. Denotational meaning boils down to knowledge of the conditions for truth in situations, while operational meaning can be viewed as instruction for performing cognitive action.

The course will demonstrate how semantic representations can be constructed and how such representations can be used for inference tasks. We will illustrate all this by means of implementations in the functional programming language Haskell.

No experience with programming is presupposed. Students are advised to bring their laptops, so that they can get hands on experience with the implementations.

Course from day to day

Haskell source files

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If you want hands on experience, please bring your laptop.

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