The Exoplanets and Disks Meeting (EDM) is a weekly meeting at the Anton Pannekoek Institute in Amsterdam, where topics related to exoplanets, disks and planet formation are discussed. The meeting takes place on Tuesdays from 11:00 until 12:30. An overview of previous (from 2016 onwards) and upcoming talks is shown below. If you are interested in attending a meeting and/or giving a talk, please send an e-mail to Gabriela Muro Arena or Vatsal Panwar, who will be organising the meetings from June 2018 onwards.




2018-06-05 Dennis Hoening Feedbacks in the global water and continental cycles and implications for planetary evolution
2018-05-29 Jack Humphries Changes in the metallicity of wide orbit gas giant planets due to pebble accretion
2018-05-22 Djoeke Schoonenberg & Beibei Liu Water content of the TRAPPIST-1 planets
2018-05-15 No meeting (NAC)
2018-05-08 Paper discussion
2018-05-01 Paper discussion
2018-04-24 No meeting (Oort workshop)
2018-04-17 Jacob Arcangeli
2018-04-10 Vincent van Eylen Using asteroseismology to understand small planet formation
2018-04-03 No meeting
2018-03-27 Jean Teyssandier Orbital evolution during planet-⁠disc interactions
2018-03-20 Sebastiaan de Vet Geosciences in the Solar System: exploring planetary evolution using clues from rocks and landscapes
2018-03-13 Kaustubh Hakim Thermal evolution of rocky exoplanets with a graphite crust
2018-03-06 Paper discussion
2018-02-27 Paper discussion
2018-02-20 Lorenzo Pino Towards a global view of the atmosphere of hot Jupiters
2018-02-13 Paul Molliere TBD
2018-02-06 Merel van 't Hoff Unveiling the physical conditions of the youngest disks: a warm disk in L1527
2018-01-30 Paper discussion
2018-01-23 Paper discussion
2018-01-16 Lucia Klarmann The inner region of protoplanetary disks
2018-01-09 Melissa McClure TBD
2017-12-12 Paper discussion
2017-12-05 Paper discussion
2017-11-28 Melissa McClure Probing the extreme inner regions of protoplanetary disks
2017-11-21 Paper discussion
2017-11-14 (10:00) Christiane Helling
2017-11-07 Lucas Ellerbroek Dust detection during cometary outbursts: are we seeing inside the comet?
2017-10-31 Network II Meeting
2017-10-24 Paper discussion
2017-10-17 Chris Ormel & Beibei Liu Pebble accretion efficiencies
2017-10-10 Paper discussion
2017-10-03 Paper discussion
2017-09-26 Paper discussion
2017-09-19 Paper discussion
2017-09-12 Geert Jan Talens First results from MASCARA: Exoplanets orbiting bright A stars
2017-09-05 Paper discussion
2017-07-28 (Friday, 14:00) Satoshi Okuzumi Turbulence, accretion, and dust growth in the HL Tau disk
2017-07-20 (Thursday, 10:30) Jennifer Bergner Chemical complexity in star-forming regions: new observational and laboratory insights
2017-06-20 Jayne Birkby Exoplanet atmospheres at high spectral resolution
2017-06-13 Paper discussion
2017-06-06 Henriette Schwarz Spinning Worlds: The rotation of young gas giants and brown dwarf companions
2017-05-30 Paper discussion
2017-05-23 No meeting (NAC)
2017-05-16 Paper discussion
2017-05-09 Javier Alonso-Floriano Probing exoplanet atmospheres of Hot Jupiters with CARMENES
2017-05-01 Rik van Lieshout Exoplanet recycling in massive white-dwarf debris discs
2017-04-25 Lucas Ellerbroek An update from the lab: the footprint of cometary dust analogs with different monomer sizes
2017-04-18 Lucia Klarmann Beyond what you see is what you get - Grounding interferometric observations with RT modelling.
2017-04-11 Paper discussion
2017-04-04 Paper discussion
2017-03-28 Paper discussion
2017-03-21 Chris Ormel Formation of TRAPPIST-1 and other compact systems
2017-03-14 Kaustubh Hakim 1. A laboratory approach to probe the mineralogy of carbon-enriched rocky exoplanets 2. A new equation of state of iron and its application to mass-radius relation of rocky super-Earths
2017-03-07 Paper discussion
2017-02-28 Andrius Popovas DISPATCH: an exa-scale framework for simulating star and planet formation
2017-02-21 Arthur Bosman CO2 infrared emission as a diagnostic of planet-forming regions of disks
2017-02-14 No meeting (Nova Network II)
2017-02-07 Maria Drozdovskaya Inextricable ties between chemical complexity and dynamics of embedded protostellar regions
2017-01-31 Judit Szulágyi Catching giant planets during formation -- computer simulations and observational efforts of circumplanetary disks
2017-01-24 Paper discussion
2017-01-17 Beibei Liu Dynamical rearrangement of super-Earths during gas disk dispersal
2017-01-10 Claire Baxter
Gabriela Muro Arena
Orbital constraints of binary brown dwarfs
Stabilized Fabry-Pérot etalon as a wavelength calibration source
2016-12-13 Antonio Garufi The evolution of protoplanetary disks from their taxonomy in scattered light: Group I vs Group II
2016-12-06 Catherine Huitson An exoplanet atmosphere survey using ground-based multi-object spectroscopy
2016-11-29 Jos de Boer The geometry of multi-ringed disks
2016-11-22 Allona Vazan Thermal evolution of super-Earths and the link to their core formation
2016-11-08 Kaustubh Hakim Using laboratory experiments to determine if carbon-enriched rocky exoplanets contain silicon carbide
2016-11-01 Lucia Klarmann Dust changes on the fly: how dust dynamics, growth and destruction change the disc chemistry
2016-10-18 Kamen Todorov Challenges and prospects for spectral retrieval for exoplanets
2016-10-03 Björn Davidsson The formation of comet nuclei
2016-09-27 Jacob Arcangeli Characterizing the atmosphere of WASP-18b
2016-09-20 Tomas Stolker Spiral arm formation in the HD 100453 disk: shadows or companion?
2016-09-13 Sergei Nayakshin Tidal downsizing scenario for planet formation
2016-09-06 Lucas Ellerbroek Understanding the footprint of cometary dust: a progress report of laboratory experiments
2016-06-21 Mihkel Kama A new mechanism for producing spirals in scattered light imaging of protoplanetary disks
2016-05-31 Chris Ormel Grain growth in pre-planetary atmospheres
2016-05-17 Djoeke Schoonenberg Building planetesimals through water diffusion
2016-05-03 Robin Dong Spirals, Gaps, and Cavities in Circumstellar Disks: Are We Watching Planets Forming in Action?
2016-04-26 Allona Vazan Evolution and Internal Structure of Jupiter and Saturn with Compositional Gradients
2016-04-19 Theo Khouri The Boomerang nebula, the coldest known object in the universe
2016-04-12 Matteo Brogi Exoplanet atmospheres at high spectral resolution
2016-04-07 Ryo Tazaki Diagnosing fluffy dust aggregates in protoplanetary disks
2016-03-29 Ben de Vries Observing the composition of planetesimals in young planetary systems
2016-03-22 Tiffany Kataria Weather on extrasolar worlds
2016-03-08 Wim van Westrenen Experimental solidification of a dry lunar magma ocean suggests the Moon was wet from the start
2016-03-01 Kaustubh Hakim Interior structure of rocky super-Earths
2016-02-23 Lucia Klarmann Interferometric evidence for quantum heated particles in the inner region of protoplanetary disks around Herbig stars
2016-02-16 Paola Pinilla Transition disks: what if there are no planets?
2015-02-02 Beibei Liu Migration and growth of embryos in protoplanetary disks: dependence on stellar mass and metallicity
2015-01-26 Jean-Michel Desert Transmission/emission spectroscopy of hot-Jupiters: current challenges and opportunities from ground and space-based observations
2016-01-14 Andreas Quirrenbach CARMENES - M Dwarfs and Their Planets
2016-01-12 Remco de Kok Probing the night-side of Hot Jupiters at high spectral resolution