Because apart from being scientists we are fist and foremost humans.

The pact between Turkey and EU (including the greek government) at March 2016 will make the life of refugees even more difficult. Fortunately, in all countries there are many people that have a different opinion showing their solidarity to refugees in action. For example in Greece there are many big and small organisations and groups which try their best to help people stuck at Eidomeni, at Athens and other places and also refugees that try to pass through Chios, Lesvos e.t.c. Most of them are in need and accept food/clothes e.t.c that are distributed after to the refugees and a few of them accept financial aid.

Here is a google map of Greece with most of the groups that are helping and their needs in food/clothes (the map is updated).

And here is a project that is organised in the Nehterlands, sending needed stuff in Greece.