Conference attendance with oral or poster contribution

  • Workshop: “MESA: stellar evolutionary code”, Santa Barbara (USA), August 2017. Partially funded by the Leids Kerkhoven- Bosscha Fonds (LKBF).
  • Conference/Workshop: “Supernova workshop”, Ringberg (Germany), July 2017. Oral contribution.
  • Conference: “Meeting of the greek astronomical association”, Irakleion (Greece), June 2017. Oral contribution.
  • Conference: “AGB-Supernova mass transition”, Rome (Italy), March 2017. Oral contribution. Partially funded by the LKBF.
  • Conference: “Supernovae outliers”, Munich (Germany), September 2016. Oral contribution.
  • Conference: “Binary stars”, Cambridge (UK), July 2016. Oral contribution.
  • Conference: “Bridging the gap between massive stars and supernovae”, Milton Keynes (UK), June 2016. Poster contribution.
  • Conference: Netherlands Astronomy Conference (NAC), Nunspeet (Netherlands), May 2016.
  • Workshop: technical meeting about the stellar evolution population synthesis code “binary_c”, Cambridge (UK), September 2016. Oral contribution. Partially funded by the LKBF.
  • Conference: Lorentz Workshop “Impact of Massive Binaries throughout the Universe”, Leiden (Netherlands), July 2015. Oral contribution.
  • Conference: ‘Fifty-One-Ergs” about supernovae, North Carolina (USA), June 2015. Poster contribution winning the first poster prize. Partially funded by the LKBF.
  • Conference: NAC, Nunspeet (Netherlands), May 2016. Oral contribution.
  • Work meeting: VFTS (Very Large Telescope Flames Tarantula Survey), Sheffield (UK), March 2015. Oral contribution.
  • Conference: NAC, Leiden (Netherlands), May 2014.
  • Work meeting: VFTS, Granada (Spain), March 2014. Partially funded by the LKBF.

    Broader contributions

  • Oral presentation about "Supernovae" in the Marie Curie student ascosiation 5-year celebration event, Nijmegen (Netherlands), February 2018
  • Several outreach talks at middleschools/highschools, Alexandroupolis (Greece), 2013-2018