Frederik Möllerström Lauridsen

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I am a PhD student at the ILLC supervised by Nick Bezhanishvili and Yde Venema. I am interested in applying methods from algebra and topology to the study of non-classical logics such as intermediate and modal logics. In addition I am also fond of universal algebra, lattice theory and duality theory as topics in and of themselves.

Before starting my PhD I obtained a MSc in Logic from the University of Amsterdam and before coming to Amsterdam I studied Mathematics at the University of Copenhagen.


  1. G. Bezhanishvili, J. Harding, J. Ilin, & F. M. Lauridsen, MacNeille transferability and stable classes of Heyting algebras,
    Algebra Universalis 79 (2018), no. 3, Art. 55, 21 pp.
  2. F. M. Lauridsen, Intermediate logics admitting a structural hypersequent calculus,
    Studia Logica, to appear.
  3. N. Bezhanishvili, S. Ghilardi, & F. M. Lauridsen, One-step Heyting algebras and hypersequent calculi with the bounded proof property,
    Journal of Logic and Computation, Vol. 27(7), pp. 2135–2169, 2017.
  4. F. M. Lauridsen, Bitopological Vietoris spaces and positive modal logic,
    ILLC Publications, Technical Notes (X) Series. Report no. X-2015-01, 2015.


  • MacNeille transferability for finite lattices.
    LATD VI, Bern (August 2018).
  • MacNeille transferability for finite lattices.
    ToLo VI, Tbilisi (July 2018).
  • MacNeille transferablbe lattices and stable classes of Heyting algebras.
    Algebra and Duality in Non-classical Logic, Amsterdam (June 2018).
  • Intermediate logics admitting structural hypersequent calculi.
    TACL, Prague (June 2017).
  • Some observations regarding cut-free hypersequent calculi for intermediate logics.
    SYSMICS, Barcelona (September 2016).
  • Some observations regarding cut-free hypersequent calculi for intermediate logics.
    ToLo V, Tbilisi (June 2016).
  • The bounded proof property: Intuitionistic case.
    ALCOP VII, Vienna (April 2016).
  • One-step algebras and frames for intermediate logics.
    Correspondence and Canonicity in Non-classical Logic, Amsterdam (September 2015). [Erratum]


Teaching assistant (University of Amsterdam):

  • Introduction to Modal logic (Bezhanishvili)
    2016, 2017, 2018
  • Mathematical structures in Logic (Bezhanishvili)
    2016, 2017
  • Recursion Theory (Rodenburg)


  • Theses:
    • Interpolation for extensions of S5-squared, Thijs Benjamins (co-supervised with Nick Bezhanishvili).
    • A Gödel-style translation from positive calculus into strict implication logic, Jana Haenen (co-supervised with Nick Bezhanishvili).
  • Student projects on:
    • Universal Algebra,
    • Category Theory,
    • Algebraic Modal Logic.


I have been a reviewer for the following journals:

  • Studia Logica;
  • Journal of Logic and Computation;
  • Logic Journal of the IGPL;
  • Reports on Mathematical Logic.

Since September 2015 I have been one of the co-organizers of the Algebra|Coalgebra seminar.

I help(ed) organize:


Visiting address:
Room F2.23, Building F
Science Park 107
1098 XG Amsterdam
e-mail: f[dot]m[dot]lauridsen[at]uva[dot]nl