Welcome to my Amsterdam webspace!

I head the Heterogeneous Catalysis and Sustainable Chemistry group at the UvA. We discover new catalysts and materials for bulk chemicals and sustainable energy applications. Check out our short film on YouTube.

I also have a company, Sorbisense A/S (Denmark) makes passive samplers for soil and groundwater.

Here are links to my cv, publications (html, pdf), linkedin profile and catalysis textbook.

Those of you interested in improving your scientific writing skills, see the 'Write it Right' workshops, given by myself and Dr. Christopher Lowe.

If you're interested in martial arts, see my kung-fu page.

Check out also the design website of my sister Ada, and my brother Ami, who's drumming all over Europe.

Sorbisense A/S
Catalysis: conceprts & green applications

last updated September 27th, 2014.