Welcome to my Amsterdam webspace!

I lead the Heterogeneous Catalysis and Sustainable Chemistry group at the UvA. We search for new catalytic routes to bulk chemicals and materials for sustainable energy applications. Here is a short film about my research group.

We form part of the Research Priority Area Sustainable Chemistry of the UvA, trying to find sustainable solutions to industrial and societal problems.

Our research has led to several inventions, three of which resulted in spin-off companies: Sorbisense A/S (Denmark), that makes passive samplers for monitoring soil and groundwater, YellowDiesel BV, that developed new catalytic routes to biodiesel, and Plantics BV, that is commercialising a new biodegradable plastic that I co-invented with Dr. Albert Alberts (a famous Rock musician in his spare time).

I have also written two textbooks, one on catalysis, and one on ceramic membranes. Additional lecture slides, handouts and answers to exercises are available free on www.catalysisbook.org.

Links to:
my cv,
my publications list (html, pdf),
my LinkedIn profile.

Those of you interested in improving your scientific writing skills, see the 'Write it Right' workshops, given by myself and Dr. Christopher Lowe.

If you're interested in martial arts, see my kung-fu page.

Check out also the design website of my sister Ada.

Sorbisense A/S
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