Giovanni Sileno - 2013, Amsterdam

I am assistant professor at the University of Amsterdam, member of the recently formed SIAS (socially intelligent artificial systems) research group at the Informatics Institute, part of the Civic AI Lab. For the past ten years I have been working in various fields related to AI and Computer Science research, contributing to diverse tracks as: computational legal theory, agent-based programming, cognitive modelling, (computational) policy design and policy operationalization.

For a faster access to (some of) the topics I study, see my presentations.

I took a PhD in AI & Law at the University of Amsterdam, I did a postdoc at Télécom Paris and Paris Dauphine University on cognitively-inspired computational methods, and a second postdoc at the UvA (in the Complex Cyber Infrastructure group) on regulating data-sharing infrastructures. Before academia, I graduated as Electronic engineer (Politecnico of Torino and ENSIMAG, following a double degree program), worked as a business analyst at McKinsey & Co., as a freelance software developer, and as a musician.

I serve as PC member for IJCAI (since 2020), AAAI (AAAI-19 Outstanding PC Award), AAMAS, JURIX (since 2019), ICAIL (since 2017). I have been PC member for ICAART (from 2014 to 2019). Since 2020, I also serve as assistant chief editor for Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence, in the section Technology and Law.