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A PhD candidate at the Informatics Institute in the Intelligent Sensory Information Systems group at the University of Amsterdam. My current research focus is Multi-Task Deep Learning and Optimizations. I am developing methods for parameter space reduction and joint task optimization as well as common group formation between tasks. Over time I have become increasingly curious about the persistance of knowledge in deep models and how prevent information loss and increase density. In November 2016 I started my PhD under supervision of Marcel Worring on AI powered artistic data analysis.

My motivation for this research direction can be found in the artistic data itself, which is particularly rich with descriptive attributes. Optimizing for multiple attributes at the same time saves time and builds a more general data representation than focusing on just one. In the end I will develop tools, powered by these MTL methods, improving artistic data analyses.

Graduated at the Ss. Cyril and Methodius university at the Faculty for Computer Science and Engineering in Skopje in 2014 and obtained a Masters degree in Software Engineering at the same institution in 2015.