Gjorgji Strezoski

Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Visual Analytics

OmniArt in ACM TOMM

Our favorite artistic dataset is published in ACM TOMM V.14 Issue 4, November 2018. Baselines are the starting point of any quantitative multimedia research, and benchmarks are essential for pushing those baselines further. In this article, we present baselines for the artistic domain with a new benchmark dataset featuring over 2 million images with rich structured metadata dubbed OmniArt. OmniArt contains annotations for dozens of attribute types and features semantic context information through concepts, IconClass labels, color information, and (limited) object-level bounding boxes.

VISTORY, ArtSight and OmniArt in IO Magazine

The VISTORY Project on the cover of I/O Magazine in a featured artcile The Science of Art. Behind the fa├žade of the majestic Ateliergebouw in Amsterdam you can find a research institute that is unique in the world. At this Netherlands Institute for Conservation+Art+Science+ (NICAS), art historians, conservators, physicists, chemists, mathematicians and ICT researchers work together to better understand, access and preserve cultural heritage. Check out the full article on I/O Magazine’s website or order a printed copy.

The Average Artwork

Using the millions of images contained in the OmniArt dataset we created humanity’s average artwork. After averaging every painting, sculpture, installation, costume, figurine and photograph in the dataset we came up with a centrally symmetrical brown blur. This image can be interpreted in many different way. Having the central and peripheral lighter regions can signify the common light directions in painting and photography. Light can come to the center as a focus point in portraits or from the corners or top in landscapes.

OmniArt at ICT Open 2018

The ICT.OPEN event is organised annually by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) under the auspices of ICT research Platform Netherlands (IPN). It is made to showcase Dutch ICT research and present active projects amongst which is the VISTORY project with the OmniArt dataset. Our latest work on the OmniArt benchmark is going to be presented there. Join us at our poster on post number 13 on March 19th and 20th in the Flint Theater in Amersfort, The Netherlands.

Object Level Annotations Engine for OmniArt

Object play a key role in understanding what is happening in an image. Using our object level annotation tool we have annotated 5000 data samples so far for objects that are not so common or are not easy to translate from real world images. For common objects that do not change their appearance significantly we can use the knowledge obtained from the real world. For example, bicycles have had the same primitive parts for a while now - two wheels, a frame, a seat and a power transfer mechanism from the feet to the wheels.