ArtSight at ACM MultiMedia 2018

Navigate Through Art In Color

Join us this October in Seoul, Korea where we present ArtSight at ACM MultiMedia 2018.

ArtSight is a comprehensive query-bycolor explorative interface built on top of the large scale artistic dataset OmniArt. Color is of paramount importance in the artistic realm and querying such large data collections by colors that appear in their palette allows for intuitive exploration. This demo allows users to browse the 3 million artwork items in the OmniArt collection by color, and hierarchically filter each result-set by multiple attributes existing in the collection itself. Colors are extracted from the digital photographic reproductions in an unsupervised fashion in palettes of twelve and matched with their meta-data seamlessly to exploit both modalities in our filtering module. The user interaction quality is moderated by a responsive framework with touch capability and an unfoldable interactive 3D sphere visualization offering two exploration options - CompactExplore or GridExplore

The paper, technical implementation details and custom visualisation components will be made available with after the technical demo sessions.

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