VISTORY - A Visual Analytics Approach for the Stylistic History of Painting

NICAS: Netherlands Institute for Conservation, Art and Science

This project works on visual analytic methods aimed at creating synergy between humans and machines in performing data-intensive problems. Often such methods are developed by computer scientists and evaluated with students within computer science or by using crowdsourcing involving participants which are not in computer science, so without expertise in the relevant domain. The VISTORY project allows to develop methods and to evaluate the computer generated result in close conjunction with art history experts. It creates a unique opportunity to develop methodologies to enhance pattern recognition in digital image collections by truly integrating the analytic capabilities of humans and machines, a long standing goal of visual analytics research.

  MAESTRA - Learning from Massive, Incompletely annotated, and Structured Data

Grant #ICT-2013-612944

Developing expert systems for image classification and retrieval in the medical and biological domain.