ICLR paper accepted

Wouter Kool’s paper on estimating gradients for structured discrete domains has been accepted to ICLR (Kool, van Hoof & Welling, pdf ). Congratulations, Wouter!

Two ICML papers accepted!

Two ICML papers were accepted: An Inference-Based Policy Gradient Method for Learning Options (Smith, Van Hoof & Pineau; pdf) and Addressing function approximation error in actor-critic methods (Fujimoto, Van Hoof & Meger; pdf). Congrats Matt & Scott!


I started a new job at the university of Amsterdam (UVA) as Universitair Docent (Assistant professor). I am in the process of relocating and updating my website, so for the time being not all information on the website is accurate.

ICRA paper accepted

New paper accepted at ICRA: V. Barbaros, H. van Hoof, A. Abdolmaleki & D. Meger: A Comparison of Eager and Memory-Based Non-Parametric Stochastic Search Methods for Learning Control. Draft coming soon. Congrats, Victor!

RLDM Poster & Spotlight

The abstract of our submitted paper “Generalized Exploration in Policy Search” has been accepted for poster presentation and spotlight presentation at RLDM 2017!