Short Bio

I am a postdoctoral researcher and SNF fellow at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). I work in the ILPS group in close collaboration with Prof. Maarten de Rijke. My research focuses on analysis and modeling of user behavior in federated search and on user-oriented evaluation. I have co-authored a book on Click Models for Web Search (published by Morgan & Claypool) and have developed PyClick - an open source Python library of commonly used click models. I also collaborate with Dr. Pavel Serdyukov, the head of research projects at Yandex.

At ILPS, co-supervise PhD students, supervise MSc students and teach the Web Search course to the 1st year MSc students in Information Studies. Previously, I co-supervised Dr. Shangsong Liang, who successfully defended his PhD thesis on "Fusion and Diversification in Information Retrieval" in December 2015, and Yaser Norouzzadeh who worked on user behavior location search.

I did my PhD on "Uncertainty in Distributed Information Retrieval" at the University of Lugano (USI) under the supervision of Prof. Fabio Crestani. During my PhD, I was working on resource selection, results merging and score normalization, collaborating with Dr. Avi Arampatzis, Dr. Leif Azzopardi, and Dr. Mark Carman. I created a tutorial on distributed IR and presented it at several conferences and summer schools. I also developed LiDR - an open source Java library of distributed IR techniques. After finishing my PhD, I co-supervised Anastasia Giachanou, a PhD student at USI, on opinion mining and retrieval for distributed IR.

During my PhD, I did two internships: an internship at Yandex working with Dr. Pavel Serdyukov (October 2013 - January 2014) and a joint internship at the University of Strathclyde and the University of Glasgow working with Prof. Ian Ruthven and Dr. Leif Azzopardi (June - August 2012).

Before starting my PhD, I worked at the St. Petersburg State University, Information Management Research Group, under the supervision of Prof. Boris Novikov and Dr. Natalia Vassilieva. There, I worked on content-based image retrieval and, in particular, on combining color and texture features adaptively based on a query-image.

I also worked as a software engineer in the St. Petersburg branch of Motorola (March 2007 - October 2008) and in a telecommunication company Protei (October 2004 - August 2006). In Motorola, I was developing a Java platform for digital TV set-top boxes within a project with 100+ engineers, 3K+ Java classes and 1M+ lines of code. In Protei, I worked as a database administrator and web developer, participating in projects with 5-10 engineers, 100-200 Java classes and 1K+ lines of code.