Ilya Markov

Assistant professor, scientific director AIRLab, University of Amsterdam (UvA)
Invited researcher and lecturer, Higher School of Economics in St. Petersburg (HSE)

University of Amsterdam
Informatics Institute
Science Park 904
1098 XH Amsterdam, The Netherlands
i dot surname at uva_domain
+31 20 525 67 31
News I am appointed as an Assistant Professor at the Univeristy of Amsterdam and a Scientific Director at AIRLab on October 1, 2018.
News A full paper, A Click Sequence Model for Web Search, with Alexey Borisov, Martijn Wardenaar, and Maarten de Rijke is accepted at SIGIR 2018.
News A full paper, Manifold Learning for Rank Aggregation, with Shangsong Liang, Zhaochun Ren, and Maarten de Rijke is published at WWW 2018.

Selected Publications

Best student paper award Alexey Borisov, Ilya Markov, Maarten de Rijke, and Pavel Serdyukov. A Context-aware Time Model for Web Search. In ACM SIGIR 2016, Pisa, Italy.
Aleksandr Chuklin, Ilya Markov, and Maarten de Rijke. Click Models for Web Search. In Synthesis Lectures on Information Concepts, Retrieval, and Services. Morgan & Claypool Publishers, 2015.
Ilya Markov and Fabio Crestani. Theoretical, Qualitative and Quantitative Analyses of Small-Document Approaches to Resource Selection. ACM Transactions on Information Systems, 32(2):9:1-9:37, 2014.
Ilya Markov, Leif Azzopardi, and Fabio Crestani. Reducing the Uncertainty in Resource Selection. ECIR 2013, Moscow, Russia, pp. 507-519.
Ilya Markov and Natalia Vassilieva. Image Retrieval: Color and Texture Combining Based on Query-Image. ICISP 2008, Cherbourg-Octeville, France, pp. 430-438.
All publications


PhD co-supervision Yifan Chen (UvA), Rolf Jagerman (UvA), Chang Li (UvA), Artem Grotov (UvA), Alexey Borisov (UvA, Yandex), Yaser Norouzzadeh (UvA), Anastasia Giachanou (USI), Shangsong Liang (UvA)
MSc supervision 2018 Bram van den Akker (UvA), Haitam Benyahia (UvA), Enzo Blindow (UvA), Vladimir Isakov (UvA), Vadim Kleiman (SPbAU), Ekaterina Maljutina (SPbAU), Bram Oosterlee (UvA), Daniela Solis Morales (UvA), Sidney de Vries (UvA)
2017 Nout van Deijck (UvA), David Langerveld (UvA), Stepan Malkevich (SPbSU), Ilnur Shugaepov (SPbAU), Martijn Wardenaar (UvA)
2015 Simon Widler (UvA), Remi de Zoeten (UvA)
PhD committee Maria-Hendrike Peetz (UvA), Alexey Borisov (UvA)


Spring 2018 Information Retrieval, 1st year MSc IS, UvA
Spring 2015-2017 Web Search, 1st year MSc IS, UvA
Autumn 2016 Advanced Information Retrieval, 2nd year MSc AI, UvA
Autumn 2016-2018 Information Retrieval, 2nd year MSc and 4th year BSc, SPbAU/HSE
2015-2016 Tutorial on Click Models for Web Search at different venues
2010-2013 Tutorial on Ditributed Information Retrieval at different venues

Community Service

PC chair RuSSIR 2015
Co-organizer Search Intent Mining task (IMine-2) at NTCIR-12
Senior PC member ECIR 2019, ECIR 2017
PC member CIKM 2018, SIGIR 2018, WWW 2018, ECIR 2018, CIKM 2017, SIGIR 2017, ICTIR Short Papers 2017, DTGS 2017, CIKM 2016, SIGIR 2016, WWW 2016, RuSSIR 2016, HIA Workshop 2016, AIST 2016, SEIM 2016, SIGIR 2015, WWW 2015, ECIR 2015, ICTIR 2015, AIST 2015, AINL-ISMW 2015, HIA Workshop 2015, SIGIR Demos 2014, ECIR Tutorials 2014, SIGIR Short Papers 2013, SIGIR Posters 2012, SIGIR Posters 2011
Reviewer for journals TOIS, IP&M, IR Journal
Subreviewer WSDM 2016, WSDM 2015, WSDM 2013, TPDL 2013, IIR 2013, SAC 2013, WSDM 2012, SPIRE 2012, IIIX 2012, SPIRE 2010, CIKM 2009
OC member RuSSIR 2015, RuSSIR 2011, SIGIR 2010

Scolarships and Grants

2015 Funding for RuSSIR 2015 and support for tutorials at SIGIR 2015, ELIAS Networking Program
2014-2015 Early Postdoc.Mobility fellowship, Swiss National Science Foundation
2010-2013 Short-Term Scientific Missions in the Netherlands, UK and Greece, COST Action IC1002 and COST Action IC0702
2009-2011 Travel and attendance support from SIGIR 2011 and ESSIR 2009

Open Source Software

PyClick Python library of click models and model-based metrics
LiDR Java library of distributed retrieval techniques (Javadoc)