Jan Bergstra: publications

Jan Bergstra: publications, picture and CV

A complete list of publications until 2006 (from 1976 until 2005) is given in PDF, writings from year 2006 and further are found in the section recent publications of this webpage. A more concise list of publications (including recent work) is selected list of publications. A reasonable approximation to the list of publications produced by an independent body can be found on DBLP. Here is a picture, and a more active one, and a more detailed portrait (made by Ineke), and a brief CV in plain HTML. A picture of Ineke and Macheld as seen by my laptop.

However, the simplest way to obtain an overview of my papers is to take some search engine (e.g. www.scholar.google.com) and to enter 'bergstra' together with one of the topcis I have been working on. Adding a co-author is also effective. Per topic I have listed in brackets the names of my main co-authors regarding that subject. (Admittedly this listing is a subjective one and constitutes no substitute for complete information.)

Here are keywords/key phrases concerning my past and recent work. Related entries have been grouped together. The subjects have been listed in chronological order in terms of initialization of the reseach activity. This is most easily understood in terms of multi-threading: reseach topics are like threads, entries are listed according to thread startup time. The threads on computability in finite types, lambda-calculus and term rewriting, program verification, module algebra and network algebra have terminated, which means that currently no further work is foreseen (by myself). The other threads are still 'active', though no promises concerning any forthcoming results can be made at this stage.