Recent Progress in General Topology

Editors: M. Hušek and J. van Mill
Elsevier (North-Holland)
Year: 1992


These papers survey the developments in General Topology and the applications of it which have taken place since the mid 1980s. The book may be regarded as an update of some of the papers in the Handbook of Set-Theoretic Topology (eds. Kunen/Vaughan, North-Holland, 1984), which gives an almost complete picture of the state of the art of Set Theoretic Topology before 1984. In the present volume several important developments are surveyed that surfaced in the period 1984-1991.

This volume may also be regarded as a partial update of Open Problems in Topology (eds. van Mill/Reed, North-Holland, 1990, OpenProblems). Solutions to some of the original 1100 open problems are discussed and new problems are posed.


Cp-theory (A.V. Arkhangel'skii).
Topological Groups and Semigroups (W.W. Comfort, K.-H. Hofmann, D. Remus).
Topological Classification of Infinite-Dimensional Spaces with Absorbers (J.J. Dijkstra, J. van Mill).
Set Theory in Topology (A. Dow).
Sequential Convergence Spaces (R. Fric, V. Koutník). Topology and Differentiation Theory (A. Frölicher, A. Kriegl).
Generalized Metric Spaces and Metrization (G. Gruenhage).
Descriptive Topology (R.W. Hansell).
The Cech-Stone Compactification of the Real Line (K.P. Hart).
Special Metrics (Y. Hattori, J. Nagata).
Categorical Topology (H. Herrlich, M. Husek).
Extensions of Mappings (T. Hoshina).
Cardinal Functions (I. Juhász).
Covering Properties (H.J.K. Junnila).
Continuum Theory (J.C. Mayer, L.G. Oversteegen).
Banach Spaces and Topology II (S. Mercourakis, S. Negrepontis).
Convergence in Topology (P.J. Nyikos).
Compact Spaces and Their Generalizations (D.B. Shakhmatov).
Abstract Topological Dynamics (J. de Vries).
The Construction of Topological Spaces (S. Watson).