Recent Progress in General Topology III

Editors: K. P. Hart, J. van Mill and P. Simon
Year: 2014


The book presents surveys describing recent developments in most of the primary subfields of General Topology, and its applications to Algebra and Analysis during the last decade, following the previous editions (North Holland, 1992 and 2002). The book was prepared in connection with the Prague Topological Symposium, held in 2011. During the last 10 years the focus in General Topology changed and therefore the selection of topics differs from that chosen in 2002. The following areas experienced significant developments: Fractals, Coarse Geometry/Topology, Dimension Theory, Set Theoretic Topology and Dynamical Systems.


Topological Homogeneity. (A.V. Arhangel'skii and J. van Mill).
Some Recent Progress Concerning Topology of Fractals (Michael F. Barnsley, David C. Wilson and Krzysztof Lesniak).
A Biased View of Topology as a Tool in Functional Analysis (Bernardo Cascales and Jose Orihuela).
Large Scale Versus Small Scale (Matija Cencelj, Jerzy Dydak and Ales Vavpetic).
Descriptive Aspects of Rosenthal Compacta (Gabriel Debs).
Minimality Conditions in Topological Groups (Dikran Dikranjan and Michael Megrelishvili).
Set-Theoretic Update on Topology (A. Dow).
Topics in Dimension Theory (Jerzy Dydak and Akira Koyama).
Representations of Dynamical Systems on Banach Spaces (Eli Glasner and Michael Megrelishvili).
Generalized Metrizable Spaces (Gary Gruenhage).
Permanence in Coarse Geometry (Erik Guentner).
Selections and Hyperspaces (Valentin Gutev).
Continuum Theory (L. C. Hoehn, L. G. Oversteegen and E. D. Tymchatyn).
Almost Disjoint Families and Topology (Michael Hrusak).
Some Topics in Geometric Topology II (Kazuhiro Kawamura).
Topological Aspects of Dynamics of Pairs, Tuples and Sets (Piotr Oprocha and Guohua Zhang).
Continuous Selections of Multivalued Mappings (Dusan Repovs and Pavel V. Semenov).
The Combinatorics of Open Covers (Masami Sakai and Marion Scheepers).
Covering Properties (Paul Szeptycki and Yukinobu Yajima).
Paratopological and Semitopological Groups Versus Topological Groups (Mikhail Tkachenko).
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