Homepage of Kandan Ramakrishnan

I am a PhD student at the University of Amsterdam. I work at the Information Sensory Information Systems Lab where i am advised by Dr.Sennay Ghebreab and Professor Arnold Smeulders, and closely collabrate with Steven Scholte from the Psychology department. My research is focussed on computational vision models to unravel how the human brain processes visual information. I use multivariate pattern analysis/machine learning techniques to study the interaction of computer vision models and high dimensional fMRI data.

Previously I completed my Masters(Electrical engineering) in 2011 from the University of Minnesota, USA. During this period, I did internships at Xerox-PARC(Palo Alto Research Center) and INRIA, Sophia Antipolis. I completed my Bachelors(Electrical engineering) at SRM University, India.

News :

*** PhD research featured in Folia (pages 38-42, in dutch :))

*** Will defend my PhD in November 2017 and join CSAIL, MIT as a Postdoctoral Associate (PI: Dr. Aude Oliva).

*** Our latest article on visual pathways has been accepted in Cortex.

*** Abstract on feedback processing presented at CCN 2017.

*** Co-organizing the Biological and artifical vision workshop @ ECCV2016