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Khalil Sima'an

Professor, Faculty of Exact Sciences (FNWI) and the Deputy Programme Leader Language and ComputationILLC, UvA.

    • 1987 Bachelor degree in Computer Science, Technion, Haifa.
    • 1992 M.Sc. in Computer Science, UvA, Amsterdam (Supervisor: Paul Klint, UvA).
    • 1999 Ph.D. in Computational Linguistics, Utrecht University, Utrecht (Promotores: Jan Landsbergen and Remko Scha).
Overview work history

Haifa Orthodox Arab College
Teacher of Maths and CS subjects.
Arabic Language Educational Software Initiative Co-founder  (together with Johny Srouji, Apple).
1989 [ ---- Moved to Amsterdam -----] [--- Followed Dutch language courses ---]
1990-92 University of Amsterdam Teaching Assistant in Dept of Informatics
Delft University of Technology Research Assistant (Temporal Logics and Process Algebras as specification languages for real-time systems).
UiL-OTS Utrecht University Researcher/programmer (European Project CLASK -- Combining Linguistics with Statistical Knowledge).
1997 UiL-OTS Utrecht University
Researcher/programmer (NWO programme for Language and Speech Technology OVIS)
1998 UiL-OTS Utrecht University NWO personal grant: Wrote and defended a Ph.D. Thesis Learning Efficient Disambiguation
1999-2000 ILK, Tilburg University
Postdoc researcher (Probabilistic Memory-Based Model of Language Processing)
2001- 02 University of Amsterdam Royal Academy (KNAW) Fellow
2003-2010 University of Amsterdam Assistant Professor at ILLC
2006-2011 University of Amsterdam VIDI laureate  NWO Exact Sciences.
2006-2014 University of Amsterdam
Associate Professor 
2011-Now University of Amsterdam Deputy Leader of the Section Language and Computation.
2013-Now University of Amsterdam VICI laureate  NWO Exact Sciences.
University of Amsterdam Full professor; Chair of Computational Linguistics

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