Khalil Sima'an: Over the past years I enjoyed supervising excellent Ph.D. and M.Sc. students:

Former Ph.D. Students

Markos Mylonakis (UvA, NWO EW VIDI financed project): Now with XRCE


Reut Tsarfaty  (UvA, NWO MOSAIEK project): Now with Uppsala University


Hany Hassan (Dublin City University), PROSPECT project (together with Andy Way): Now Microsoft Research                        

Former M.Sc. Students
Where and When
After graduation went to...

Jakub Zavrel U. Utrecht, 1995/6 Vector-Space Models for Parsing TextKernel (co-founder)
Jorn Veenstra U. Utrecht, 1995/6 - with Joos Kok
Head Correlation Detection for Syntactic Analysis
Vera Hollink UvA 2002 - with Henk Zeevat   Anaphora Resolution by Probabilistic Parsers
UvA, Amsterdam (PhD student)
Luciano Buratto UvA 2002    DOP Estimation by Backoff Smoothing            MoL-2002-07 U. of Warwick, UK (PhD student)
Oren Tsur UvA 2003 - with Maarten de Rijke
QA and Learning Bibliography Classifiers       MoL-2003-06 Hebrew University, Israel (PhD student)
Andreas Zollmann UvA 2004 - with Detlef Prescher A Consistent and Efficient Estimator for DOP  MoL-2004-02 CMU, USA (PhD student)
Roy Bar-Haim
Technion 2004/5 - with Y.Winter+ A. Itai
Probabilistic Methods for Hebrew Morphological Analysis     U. of Bar-Ilan, Israel (PhD student)
Thuy Linh Nguyen UvA 2004 Rank-Consistency and DOP Estimation CMU, USA (PhD student)
Felix Hageloh
UvA 2006
Simulating Collins'97 model using Treebank Transforms and PCFGs
Softwar Engineer
Markos Mylonakis
UvA 2006/7
Bi-directional Noisy-Channel Estimators (Bi-EM)
UvA, ILLC (PhD student)
Barbara Plank
UvA 2007
Parsing with Domain-awareness
Groningen University (Ph.D. Student)
Received IBM Italia Best Thesis Award
Saib Mansour
Technion March 2008
co-supervision with
A. Itai and Yoad Winter
Segmentation and POS tagging for Arabic and Hebrew
(smoothing using character level models)
RWTH Aachen (Ph.D. student)
Sanne Korzec
UvA 2010
Phrase probability estimation in SMT
Sophie Arnoult
UvA 2011
Adjuncts in Statistical Machine Translation
Univ. of Amsterdam
Joost Bastings
UvA 2012
Parsing with graph symbols
SAAB Sweden
Katya Garmash
UvA 2012
Paraphrasing and SMT (ongoing)

Membership Ph.D Examination Committees