Research Khalil Sima'an

Projects --  Khalil Sima'an (PI)

Machine Translation When Exact Pattern Match Fails (NWO-EW - Open Competitie)  (2010-2014), PI=Khalil Sima'an (226k Euro)
Priors for Estimating Probabilistic Grammars from Incomplete Data  (NWO-EW - VIDI)  [2007-2011]
Innovative Research Incentive, Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) - Exact Sciences (766 kEuro)
Learning Stochastic Tree-Grammars from Treebanks (LeStoGram) NWO-EW Open Competitie [2003-2006], PI=Khalil Sima'an (approx. 200 kEuro)
Project was concluded in October 2006
Modern Hebrew and Arabic  Processing [2000-present]  NWO-Mosiaek Reut Tsarfaty, PI=Khalil Sima'an (approx. 200 kEuro)
People involved: Khalil Sima'an (UvA), Reut Tsarfaty (UvA) and Hebrew Project (Technion).
Roy-Bar Haim (Technion, Haifa), Saib Mansour (Technion, Haifa)
Collaboration: 2005 Johns Hopkins University (JHU) Summer Workshop 2005 on Parsing Arabic Dialect.
Beyond Treebank Annotations: Ambiguity Resolution by Similarity-Based Performance Models Personal innovation grant (KNAW Fellowship, Royal Dutch Academy for Arts and Sciences), awarded in 2002. (approx 200 kEuro).
PI=Khalil Sima'an

Project was concluded in 2003