Kaibo Xie

Standard PhD Candidate, ILLC (FNWI), 1/10/16 to present

Contract PhD Candidate, Logic and Language (ILLC, FNWI/FGw), 1/10/16 to present

Email: K.Xie@uva.nl

Reserch Interests

I am interested in the entanglement between causality, episemic logic and counterfactuals. My project concerns the combination of epistemic models and causal models in general. The language of the standard causal modeling approach does not contain epistemic operator, so that it does not directly account for beliefs of counterfactuals. To overcome this limitation, my research aims to extend the language of the standard causal modeling approach with epistemic operators and introduce a semantics for this extended language. This extension will help us to understand counterfactual conditionals from a new perspective.

Research Output

A logical and empirical study of right-nested counterfactuals Schulz, K., Xie, K., Smets, S. J. L. & Velazquez Quesada, F. R., 2019, Proceedings of Logic, Rationality, and Interaction; 7th International Workshop.