[17 oct 2017] - Belgian-Dutch Algebraic Geometry Day. The 12th edition of this seminar takes place in Nijmegen on December 15. The speakers are Javier Fresán, Michael Groechenig, and Johannes Nicaise.

[24 aug 2017] - New colleague. We welcome Christopher Lazda, who will be joining us as a postdoc per September 2017.

[1 may 2017] - Intercity Number Theory Seminar. On May 19 the UvA and VU are jointly hosting a session of the Intercity Number Theory Seminar. Speakers are Ana Caraiani, Jeroen Sijsling, Arne Smeets, and Maxim Mornev.

[20 jan 2017] - PhD defense Jinbi Jin. On January 18 Jinbi Jin succesfully defended his thesis Computability of the étale Euler-Poincaré characteristic, at the University of Leiden. Congratulations to Jinbi!

[13 dec 2016] - Mini-workshop on arithmetic & moduli of K3 surfaces. On Tuesday 31 January 2017, we will hold a mini-workshop on arithmetic aspects of moduli of K3 surfaces at the University of Amsterdam. Speakers include Anthony Várilly-Alvarado, Martin Orr, Alexei Skorobogatov, Bianca Viray. See the workshop website for the programme. Note that registration is compulsory.

[24 nov 2016] - Two postdoc positions available. Two two-year postdoc positions in number theory and algebraic geometry are available! The deadline for applications is January 5, and the intended starting date is September 1, 2017.

[20 nov 2016] - PhD defense Christophe Debry. On November 15 Christophe Debry succesfully defended his thesis Towards a class number formula for Drinfeld modules, obtaining a joint doctorate of the University of Amsterdam and the KU Leuven. Congratulations to Christophe!

[29 oct 2016] - Joint UvA/VU Intercity Number Theory Seminar. On November 11 the UvA and VU will be jointly hosting a session of the IC Number Theory Seminar at the VU. Speakers are Martin Orr (Imperial College), James Lewis (U of Alberta), Chun Yin Hui (VU Amsterdam), and Wadim Zudilin (Nijmegen).

[17 oct 2016] - 11th B-NL AG Day and Compositio Prize award on Dec 9. The 11th Belgian-Dutch Algebraic Geometry Day will be held on December 9 in Amsterdam. It will coincide with the award of the Compositio Prize award. Lectures will be given by the authors of the three shortlisted papers: Bhargav Bhatt, Dieter Kotschick, Stefan Schreieder, and June Huh, followed by the award of the prize to Bhargav Bhatt. See this page for the programme.

[5 oct 2016] - Arithmetic and Algebraic Geometry Seminar. Our local seminar has started again. Part a study group on crystalline cohomology, part a venue for invited speakers, we meet on Wednesday mornings. See here for the programme.

[1 sep 2016] - New colleague. We welcome Renjie Lyu, PhD student of Mingmin Shen in our group.

[13 jul 2016] - Summer school on Vlieland. The Berlin-Amsterdam-Leiden graduiertenkolleg Moduli and Automorphic Forms is holding its annual summer school on the island of Vlieland, from Aug 28 to Sep 2. More information here.

[3 may 2016] - IC Geometry Seminar. The final meeting of the Intercity Geometry Seminar on rational Hodge isometries beteen K3 surfaces will be held on May 13 in Nijmegen. The speakers are Daniel Huybrechts, Netan Dogra, and Ben Moonen.

[22 apr 2016] - Crash course on Shimura Varieties. June 20-22 there will be a mini-course on Shimura Varieties in Leiden, with lectures by Bas Edixhoven and Francesca Bergamaschi from Leiden, and Arno Kret and myself from Amsterdam.

[3 apr 2016] - 10th Belgian-Dutch Algebraic Geometry day. We will celebrate the 10th edition of this moving seminar with lectures by Sho Tanimoto (Copenhagen), John Christan Ottem (Oslo), and Bruno Chiarellotto (Padova). See this page for more information.

[23 feb 2016] - Inaugural lecture. I will deliver my inaugural lecture on Friday March 4, at 16.00, in the Oude Lutherse Kerk. It will be preceded by an Intercity Number Theory Seminar at the mathematics department.

[22 jan 2016] - IC Geometry Seminar. Coming term we will be running an Intercity Geometry Seminar around Buskin's proof that every rational Hodge isometry between K3 surfaces is algebraic. The first meeting is on February 18 in Amsterdam.

[22 jan 2016] - Arithmetic and Algebraic Geometry Seminar. In the spring of 2016 we will continue our weekly local Arithmetic and Algebraic Geometry Seminar. We will meet on Wednesdays from 16 to 17.

[17 nov 2015] - Belgian-Dutch Algebraic Geometry Day. The 9th edition of this travelling seminar will be held in Leiden on December 11. The speakers are David Holmes, Clément Dupont, Misha Verbitsky. See this page for more information.

[8 nov 2015] - Frans Oort 80. Coming week the workshop Moduli Spaces and Arithmetic Geometry is held at the Lorentz Center in Leiden. On Thursday 12 November there is a Public Symposium celebrating the 80th birthday of Frans Oort.

[21 oct 2015] - VU/UvA Intercity Number Theory Seminar. On November 6, the UvA and VU are jointly organising a session of the IC Number Theory Seminar. The speakers are Lance Gurney, Rob de Jeu, Arno Kret, and Jan Draisma.

[11 sep 2015] - Beijing lecture notes to appear with LMS. The manuscript of my Beijing lecture notes Sheaves and Functions Modulo p will appear in the LMS Lecture Note Series. More information on this page.

[4 sep 2015] - Seminar. This term's Arithmetic and Algebraic Geometry Seminar is starting on September 10. We'll have both invited speakers and a study group on K3 surfaces and their moduli.

[1 sep 2015] - New colleagues. We welcome Wessel Bindt, Lance Gurney, and Arno Kret who have joined us this summer!

[1 may 2015] - Compositio Mathematica. I have joined Jochen Heinloth, Eric Opdam, and Burt Totaro as managing editor for Compositio.

[25 apr 2015] - VU/UvA Intercity Number Theory Seminar. On May 8, the UvA and VU are jointly organising a session of the IC Number Theory Seminar. The speakers are Frits Beukers, Ada Boralevi, Abhijit Laskar and myself. See the Intercity page for further details.

[25 mar 2015] - B-NL meets NoGags. On June 11 and 12, the Belgian-Dutch Algebraic Geometry seminar and the Northern German Algebraic Geometry seminar (NoGags) will have a joint meeting in Nijmegen. See this page for the schedule and registration.

[17 dec 2014] - Visiting the IAS. From January 2015 until April 2015 I will be a von Neumann fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study.

[14 nov 2014] - Assistant professorship. We are hiring an assistant professor in the algebra, geometry and mathematical physics programme. See this page. (Deadline for applications was January 4).

[11 sep 2014] - Algebra and geometry seminar. The algebra and geometry seminar has started. It is usually held on Thursdays, from 16.00 to 17.00. Contact Mingmin Shen if you want to receive announcements of the lectures.

[31 aug 2014] - Belgian-Dutch Algebraic Geometry Day (14 nov). The 7th edition of this seminar will be held in Amsterdam on 14 November. The speakers are Minhyong Kim (Oxford), Mingmin Shen (Amsterdam), and Jakob Stix (Frankfurt). See this page for more information.

[7 aug 2014] - Postdoc position. A two-year postdoc position in arithmetic algebraic geometry is available, contact Lenny Taelman for more information.

[7 aug 2014] - VIDI grant. My NWO VIDI project Cohomological methods for function field arithmetic starts on September 1.

[7 aug 2014] - New webpage. I moved to the University of Amsterdam, and with a new job comes a new webpage. Comments and corrections are most welcome.