[1 may 2015] - Compositio Mathematica. I have joined Jochen Heinloth, Eric Opdam, and Burt Totaro as managing editor for Compositio.

[25 apr 2015] - VU/UvA Intercity Number Theory Seminar. On May 8, the UvA and VU are jointly organising a session of the IC Number Theory Seminar. The speakers are Frits Beukers, Ada Boralevi, Abhijit Laskar and myself. See the Intercity page for further details.

[25 mar 2015] - B-NL meets NoGags. On June 11 and 12, the Belgian-Dutch Algebraic Geometry seminar and the Northern German Algebraic Geometry seminar (NoGags) will have a joint meeting in Nijmegen. See this page for the schedule and registration.

[17 dec 2014] - Visiting the IAS. From January 2015 until April 2015 I will be a von Neumann fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study.

[14 nov 2014] - Assistant professorship. We are hiring an assistant professor in the algebra, geometry and mathematical physics programme. See this page. (Deadline for applications was January 4).

[11 sep 2014] - Algebra and geometry seminar. The algebra and geometry seminar has started. It is usually held on Thursdays, from 16.00 to 17.00. Contact Mingmin Shen if you want to receive announcements of the lectures.

[31 aug 2014] - Belgian-Dutch Algebraic Geometry Day (14 nov). The 7th edition of this seminar will be held in Amsterdam on 14 November. The speakers are Minhyong Kim (Oxford), Mingmin Shen (Amsterdam), and Jakob Stix (Frankfurt). See this page for more information.

[7 aug 2014] - Postdoc position. A two-year postdoc position in arithmetic algebraic geometry is available, contact Lenny Taelman for more information.

[7 aug 2014] - VIDI grant. My NWO VIDI project Cohomological methods for function field arithmetic starts on September 1.

[7 aug 2014] - New webpage. I moved to the University of Amsterdam, and with a new job comes a new webpage. Comments and corrections are most welcome.