Course "Robotica"


The intention is to teach you how to represent aspects of physical, geometrical reality (specifically motion of objects), in the computer, how do you use standard search algorithms to plan motions, and then how do you then get those planned motions back into reality as real motions. All this is illustrated throughout by examples from robotics. It give an impression of the specialization `Autonomous Systems'.

The course consists of lectures followed by an exam, and of a lab course followed by demonstration of what you have done; the grades for these form the final grade, in a ratio 2:1 (so =2/3+1/3).


We use lecture notes, available from the Dikatenverkoop (check the opening times, they are weird). Try yo get the lab manual at the same time!

Where and when

All events take place in the Euclides building, Plantage Muidergracht 24.
The lectures are given in the 3rd trimester, in P227, Fridays 9:15-11:00.
The lab course is on Thursday afternoons, 12:30-16:30, P126.

datum plaats type inhoud
10/4 P0 geen practicum
11/4 P227 H1 pad plannen: Cspace
17/4 P126 P1 introductie oefeningen
18/4 geen college
24/4 P126 P2 high path
25/4 P227 C2 pad plannen: structuur
1/5 geen practicum
2/5 geen college
8/5 P126 P3 path to garbage
9/5 A.B C3 pad plannen: algorithmiek
15/5 geen practicum
16/5 P227 C4 rotaties en homogene coördinaten
22/5 P126 P4 low path
23/5 P227 C5 kinematica: Denavit Hartenberg
29/5 geen practicum
30/5 geen college
5/6 P126 P5 low path
6/6 geen college
12/6 P126 P6 kinematica
13/6 P227 C6 inverse kinematica
19/6 P126 P7 inverse kinematica
20/6 P227 C7 differentiële kinematica; oefententamen
26/6 P126 P8 integratie en demonstratie

Lab Course

The lab course is programming a chess-playing robot, with exercises in path planning and kinematics. It is done in groups on two students. The manual is available at the home page for the lab course, which is

The lab assistents are Matthijs Spaan and TBA You should register with Matthijs. If you do not yet have an account at the UvA, please request one from

THE LAB COURSE STARTS APRIL 17, 2003, 13:00 IN P1.26 (IN EUCLIDES, Plantage Muidergracht 24). It would be efficient if you find a practicum partner before that time and mail Matthijs your choice, then we can start immediately.


Wat je moet weten: de leerlijst. UITSLAGEN 2003 UITSLAGEN H1 2003 UITSLAGEN H2 2003


College: Leo Dorst
Praktikum: Matthijs Spaan.