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Curriculum Vitae
Master Thesis

Find here the pdf version of my CV (probably not as updated)


• present - PhD student, University of Amsterdam, advised by Dr. S. E. de Mink.

• 2015 - Master in Physics, major in Astronomy and Astrophysics, University of Pisa - 110/110 cum laude. Thesis title "Systematic Study of Mass Loss in the Evolution of Massive Stars", advised by prof. C. D. Ott and prof. S. N. Shore.

• 2012 - Bachelor in Physics, University of Pisa - 110/110. Thesis on the "Three Body Problem", advised by prof. G. Paffuti.


Research Experience

• January 2017/June 2017 - Graduate Fellow in KITP (UCSB) with local advisor Prof. L. Bildsten.

• August 2015 - Research visit in Prof. C. D. Ott’s group in TAPIR at the California Institute of Technology.

• October 2014/December 2014 - Research visit in Prof. C. D. Ott’s group in TAPIR at Caltech.

• May 2014/June 2014 - Research visit in Prof. C. D. Ott’s group in TAPIR at California Institute of Technology.

• July 2013/September 2013 - INFN/LIGO Summer Student in TAPIR at the California Institute of Technology. Project on the simulation of supernova progenitors with MESA under the supervision of Prof. C. D. Ott.


Grants and Awards

• January to June 2017 - KITP Graduate Student Fellowship

• April 2016 - Leids Kerkhoven-Bosscha Fonds (LKBF) Travel funds - 500€

• January 2016 - PI for the Pilot Project “Mass Loss in Massive Star Evolution: Systematic Comparison of Algorithms”. Granted 500000 CPU hours on the Supercomputer Cartesius

• April 2016 - Funds from the University of Pisa to carry out Master Thesis abroad - 2000€


Conferences & Schools Attended

(see here for a somewhat complete list of contributed talks)

• Quantifying and Understanding the Galaxy-Halo Connection, KITP, May 2017

• The Mysteries and Inner Workings of Massive Stars, KITP, March 2017

• Disks, Dynamos, and Data: Confronting MHD Accretion Theory with Observations, KITP, February 2017

• Stars on the Run, Bamberg, August 2016

• Binary Stars in Cambridge, July 2016

• Bridging the Gap: from Massive Stars to Supernovae, Chicheley Hall, June 2015

• 71st Netherlands Astronomy Conference (NAC), May 2016

• VFTS Collaboration Meeting, Smolyan, May 2016

• Nova Fall School at ASTRON, Dwingeloo, October 2015

• The Impact of Massive Binaries Throughout the Universe, Lorentz Center Leiden, July 2015

• Strangeness in Nuclei and in Neutron Stars, University of Pisa

• MESA Summer School, 2014 (joined as TA in 2015)

• Frontiers in Nuclear and Adronic Physics, Galileo Galilei institute for Theoretical Physics (GGI), 2014

• Caltech Gravitational Wave Astrophysics School, 2013


Teaching and Advising Experience

• January-November 2016 - Co-advising bachelor student Floor Broekgaarden

• September-October 2016 - Instructor for the course "Open Problems in Modern Astrophysics", coordinated by Antonia Rowlinson

• January-June 2016 - Co-advising bachelor student Max Briel

• April 2016/May 2016 - Teaching assistent for the course "High Energy Astrophysics, Radiative Processes and Relativistic Flows", thaught by Dr. S. Markoff

• January 2016, 18 - Guest Lecture in the Computational Astrophysics course (taught by Dr. S. E. de Mink), University of Amsterdam (UvA). "How we look inside stars: Stellar Evolution Codes and MESA".

• August 2015 - Teaching Assistant at the MESA Summer School, 2015, University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). I have helped preparing the lectures and lab materials of Prof. E. S. Phinney and Prof. J. C. Wheeler.

• 2014, 2010-2011 - Science demonstrator at the permanent scientific exposition “Scientific Playroom” (“Ludoteca Scientifica - LUS”) organized by CNR-INO institute, INFN, and the Department of physics of Pisa.

• September 2015 - “Pisa - MESA workshop". I organized and held this informal workshop aimed at master students. I gave two 1.5 hour lectures on the "Numerical implementation of MESA", and two “hands-on" sessions.


Other Professional Experiences

• Referee for A&A and ApJ.

• Translator (from French to English) of the book "Guide Pratique pour (Bien) Commencer en Spectroscopie Astronomique" , author François Cochard, published by EPD Science 2016.