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Curriculum Vitae
Master Thesis

Suggested Miscellaneous Readings

• For Open Access and In Solidarity with Library Genesis and Sci-Hub. Find here some historical and sociological context about Open Access policies in academic publishing.

• Epistemology: The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Natural Sciences

• How to Make Sure Your Talk Doesn't Suck: David Tong's Slides

• How to Ask Questions the Smart Way: Advices from E. S. Raymond and R. Moen

• What is Spin (Thanks to Antonino Cangialosi): Am. J. Phys., 1985, Ohanian, H. C., What is Spin?

Computational Tools: Useful References and Guides

• What to use to run an iPython notebook within Emacs (no distraction from your browser!)

• 3D plots in python without sign-up to anything with plot.ly