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Curriculum Vitae
Master Thesis

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Refereed Publications

• Zapartas, E.; de Mink, S. E.; Van Dik, S. D.; Fox, O. D.; Smith, N., Bostroem, K. A.; de Koter, A.; Flippenko, A. V.; Izzard, R. G.; Kelly, P. L.; Neijssel, C. J.; Renzo, M., Ryder, S. "Predicting the Presence or Absence of Companions for Stripped-Envelope Supernovae: the Case of Broad-lined Ic SN2002AP", accepted by ApJ.

Renzo, M.; Ott, C. D.; Shore, S.N.; de Mink, S. E. "A Systematic Survey of the Effects of Wind Mass Loss Algorithms on the Evolution of Single Massive Stars", accepted by A&A.

• Zapartas, E.; de Mink, S. E.; Izzard, R. G.; Yoon, S.-C.; Badenes, C.; Gotberg, Y.; de Koter, A.; Neijssel, C. J.; Renzo, M.; Schootemeijer, A.; Shrotriya, T. S."Delay-time distribution of core-collapse supernovae with late events resulting from binary interaction", accepted by A&A

• Morozova, V.; Piro, A. L.; Renzo, M.; Ott, C. D.; "Numerical Modeling of the Early Light Curves of Type IIP Supernovae", ApJ in press

• Morozova, V.; Piro, A. L.; Renzo, M.; Ott, C. D.; Clausen, D.; Couch, S. M.; Ellis, J.; Roberts, L. F. "Light Curves of Core-collapse Supernovae with Substantial Mass Loss Using the New Open-source SuperNova Explosion Code (SNEC)", ApJ in press.