From this webpage you can download the data from an online elicitation experiment on the use of quantified referring expressions designed and conducted by Dale Barr at the University of Glasgow, Kees van Deemter at the University of Aberdeen and Raquel Fernández at the University of Amsterdam.


The experiment and the data are described in the following paper:

D. Barr, K. van Deemter, and R. Fernández. Generation of Quantified Referring Expressions: Evidence from Experimental Data, The 14th European Workshop on Natural Language Generation (ENLG 2013), Sofia, Bulgaria, 2013.


We make available the experiment instructions, anonymous metadata about the participants, the raw expressions produced by the subjects, and our classification of those expression into different classes of quantified referring expressions (see Table 1 in the paper).

The data is freely available for research purposes. If you decide to use it, please send us an email to let us know and acknowledge our work by citing the paper above. Many thanks for your cooperation!


This research has been supported by the European Science Foundation EURO-XPRAG scheme.