About Me

I am Samira.

I am a PhD candidate at Institute for Logic Language and Computation at University of Amsterdam working under the supervision of Willem Zuidema in CLCLab.

My general research interest is Cognitive Modeling. I am interested in working on deep neural models that are biologically plausible and can perform at the human level. I have chosen Language as the higher cognitive function that I am going to focus on because I think much of human intelligence is reflected in language. I believe AI should help us in our lives, not by doing our jobs, but by assisting us to do them. Hence, I think it’s very crucial to understand how we work.

My spouse and I moved to Amsterdam in 2014, when he started his PhD here. Actually, we started living together in Amsterdam :). When we moved here I was still working on my master thesis. On January 2015 I defended my master and officially graduated from University of Tehran, where I also have my bachelor degree from. My bachelor and master degrees are both in Computer Science.