The other Me

I was born in Tehran, the capital city of Iran in December 1988. At the time I came to this world my sister Afra was already here to welcome me and 5 years later my little brother, Ali, joined our family.

I am always proud of the family I have grown in. My mother was a chemistry teacher. She is now retired. She has a very creative mind.  My dad is a very hardworking man and he has been always like that. He has a very cute story about the time he had to convince everybody to let him enter the primary school. He has studied physics and he wanted to be a scientist but the road of his life has turned out to be another way.

My sister Afra, has always been my inspiration subconsciously. When I was a little kid I wanted to be like her. I was even jealous of her name. Well, I still think she has a very beautiful name. She is so caring and passionate. A very interesting thing about our relationship is that the sequences of our life events have a lot in common.

My little brother Ali, well he is not little at all. I can say that from the time he was born he was already grown up. He is very smart and adventurous. Sometimes I feel like he has more experiences than an 80 years old man.

My parents are from the North-Western part of the country and their mother tongue is Azari. Since I have grown up in Tehran where the spoken language is Farsi, I am not very fluent in Azari. When I tried to speak with my Grand Ma in Azari, She always laughed at my accent and my choice of words (She is not with us anymore).

I have spent most of my childhood daydreaming about the future or thinking about philosophical issues. There was a very old magazine named “Daneshmand” which is the equivalent of “scientist” in Persian that I really enjoyed reading. I always thought that I would be a very important person. Like my dad, I wanted to be a scientist. I also wanted to be a great pianist. Actually, when somebody asked me what do I want to be in future? I used to answer with a long list of jobs. From scientist and pianist to writer and teacher.

When I started guidance school, I was interested in astronomy. I was curious to know about the origins of the universe and all the things that I could see in the night sky.  I wished I could travel to the moon and I used to think of the ways that we could make the moon a livable place.

By the time I was finishing guidance school I was more interested in knowing about humans. More precisely about humans brain. I remember talking to my mom and telling her that I wanted to be a neuroscientist. Early in highschool, I become more interested in physics. Later I found Math a more fundamental science. Eventually, I ended up studying Computer Science.


When I was in my early 20s, I realised that I am not really the person that I want to be. I realised that I want my life to have more dimensions. So I started to change my way of living slightly. I started to care more about people especially my friends, family and relatives. From then I set the mission of my life to be happy and also make other people happy.

Sometimes life passes so fast that I can not feel the time anymore. It seems we have been always in the same moment. I never expected my life to be what it is like now.

In 2012, I started dating Mostafa, who is my husband now :). We started our family in 2014. Currently, he is doing his PhD in Information Retrieval at UvA. He is both very smart and very hardworking, these two characteristics along his passion for his work makes him very successful. Apart from this, he is very good at telling stories. He can make you excited even about the most boring stories.


I enjoy capturing the moments of my life every now and then with my cell phone’s camera 🙂