I am an astrophysicist, interested to study different aspects of astrophysics, cosmology, and fundamental physics using cosmic microwave background (CMB), large scale structure and gravitational waves as observational probes. My work encompasses theory and data analysis to understand the imprints of cosmological & astrophysical phenomena from the observations.

I work on multi-messenger cosmology using gravitational wave probes and electromagnetic probes which is one of the key science goals for the ongoing gravitational wave observatories such as LIGO , Virgo , and in the future for KAGRA , LIGO-India , LISA , Einstein Telescope , and Cosmic Explorer . This avenue is going to explore a broad range of topics in astrophysics, cosmology and fundamental physics in synergy with the upcoming large scale structure surveys such as DESI , EUCLID , Rubin Observatory , SPHEREx , and Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope . I have also pioneered a new method to detect ultra light axions which is feasible from the ongoing/upcoming CMB experiments such as Atacama Cosmology Telescope , South Pole Telescope , Simons Observatory , LiteBIRD , and CMB-S4 . You can find the details about my work in the research section.

Here is the arXiv link to my publications .

Here is the NASA/ADS link to my publications .


I am interested to study fundamental physics from cosmological and astrophysical data by developing new observational techniques which can be accessed from future missions. My current research encompasses a broad range of topics in cosmology such as cosmic microwave background, large-scale structure and gravitational waves. Details on a few of my research works can be found in the links provided below.


From December-2019, I am a GRAPPA postdoctoral fellow at the University of Amsterdam. Previously from December-2016, I was a Lagrange Postdoctoral Fellow at the Institut D'Astrophysique De Paris and one year (2017-2018) Flatiron research fellow at the Center for Computational Astrophysics, Flatiron Institute . I plan to move to Chicago in 2020 as a postdoctoal fellow at the Argonne National Laboratory and associate fellow at KICP .

I received my Ph.D. in the year 2016 in astrophysics from IUCAA with the scholarship from CSIR-India under the supervision of Professor T. Souradeep. I did my Masters in Physics from Hyderabad Central University in the year 2011 and Bachelor in Science from Fergusson College , University of Pune in the year 2009.

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