Cosmology with Gravitational Waves

Measuring the weak lensing of Gravitational Waves from the binary black hole sources of LISA

Me along with B. Wandelt and J. Silk have proposed a new Multi-Messenger-Multi-Frequency probe to cosmology using gravitational waves and electromagnetic waves. The influence of cosmic perturbations on the propagating gravitational waves produced from the compact objects such as black holes, neutron stars, etc. can be measured by cross-correlating with other electromagnetic probes such as CMB, galaxies, etc. This new probe is an extremely powerful method not only for measuring lensing of gravitational waves, but also for opening a window to measure extra dimensions of space-time, alternative theories of gravity, etc. This is also a complementary probe to test the concordance of the trajectory of electromagnetic and gravitational waves. The paper corresponding to this work is submitted to the journal.

The expected cross-correlation signal between CMB-gravitational waves and gravitational waves-gravitational waves in the standard model of cosmology are shown as a function of redshift.