Tejaswini Deoskar

Institute for Logic Language and Computation, University of Amsterdam

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email : t.deoskar "at" uva.nl , t.deoskar "at" gmail.com

phone : +31 20 525 7256

Visiting address Postal address
Science Park 107 FNWI, ILLC
Office F 2-44 Universiteit van Amsterdam
(Entrance via NIKHEV, P.O. Box 94242
Science Park 105) 1098XG Amsterdam

I am assistant professor at the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC) at the University of Amsterdam.

My research focuses on probabilistic learning techniques and probabilitistic models for natural language. I am interested in the general problem of learning the syntax and semantics of natural language using "data-driven" methods. This "data" usually consists of large collections of language usage (most commonly, text). In particular, I have worked on "semi-supervised" learning techniques for language, where the data is a combination of bare text, plus text that is annotated with extra syntactic or semantic information. I am also specially interested in the class of grammars called "strongly-lexicalised" grammars. I have worked on semi-supervised learning for such grammars, especially the grammar formalism Combinatory Categorial Grammar (CCG).

I am also interested in the syntax and semantics of my native languages Hindi and Marathi, and have worked on building CCG parsers and resources for Hindi.