• aug'17 | Video recordings of ZSL 2017 are online
  • july'17 | Slides of the Zeros Shot Learning tutorial are online
  • july'17 | I've been awarded an outstanding reviewer award for CVPR 2017
  • july'17 | 5 MSc Information Studies students graduated this month, congrats!
  • july'17 | Samantha Guerriero (student from Barbara Caputo @ Sapienza in Rome) is visiting to work on metric learning
  • may'17 | Video with results of our ICMR paper is online
  • apr'17 | I will present at Spui25 on the topic of "quantifying love" (in dutch, April 19th).
  • apr'17 | ICMR paper accepted: "Music-Guided Video Summarization" (see pdf below), together with Thomas Jongstra, Pascal Mettes and Cees Snoek.
  • apr'17 | I have a MSc AI thesis project opening on historical inpainting by incorporating prior knowledge, see pdf. Drop me a line when interested!
  • apr'17 | Our CVPR'17 proposal for the Zero-shot Learning tutorial has been accepted
  • apr'17 | Our ICCV'17 proposal for the 5th Workshop on Web-scale Vision and Social Media (VSM) has been accepted
  • mar'17 | The automark software, to automatically check progress of python programming exercises, developped by Spencer is now available on GitHub!
  • feb'17 | Open position: 3D Computer Vision from a single image, (deadline closed), for future reference see (pdf).
  • feb'17 | I started as Assistant Professor in 3D Deep Learning in the Computer Vision group of Theo Gevers at the UvA.
  • oct'16 | Zero-Shot Learning tutorial 2016: Slides are online, here!
  • sep'16 | Our paper Video2vec Embeddings Recognize Events when Examples are Scarce has been accepted for PAMI
  • aug'16 | I've given a tutorial on probabilistic metric learning at GCPR/DAGM 2016, see the slides, comments are welcomed!
  • aug'16 | I'm guest (co-)editor for the CVIU special issue on Computer Vision and the Web, see the call for papers
  • jul'16 | I'm hiring a PostDoc in Zero-Shot Deep Learning, please contact me if interested.
  • jul'16 | We're organizing a Zero-Shot Learning tutorial at ECCV, see the ZSL16 website
  • jul'16 | BMVC paper accepted for oral presentation, together with Spencer and Cees
  • jun'16 | ICMR Best paper award for Pooling Objects for Recognizing Scenes without Examples, together with Svetlana and Cees
  • jun'16 | Temporary links to code & data or the rijks museum dataset
  • jun'16 | Finally, I've installed my new website. Not all parts are over (yet).

Recent Publications

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The New Modality: Emoji Challenges in Prediction, Anticipation, and Retrieval

Spencer Cappallo, Stacey Svetlichnaya, Pierre Garrigues, Thomas Mensink, Cees Snoek
| 2018 | ArXiVpreprint (1801.10253).
[bibtex] [pdf]


SAVI: Spotting Audio-Visual Inconsistencies in Manipulated Video

Robert Bolles, Brian Burns, Martin Graciarena, Andreas Kathol, Aaron Lawson, Mitchell McLaren, Thomas Mensink
In CVPR Workshop on Media Forensics | 2017.
[bibtex] [pdf]


Music-Guided Video Summarization using Quadratic Assignments

Thomas Mensink, Thomas Jongstra, Pascal Mettes, Cees Snoek
In ACM International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval (ICMR) | 2017 | Spotlight.
[bibtex] [pdf] [video]


Video2vec Embeddings Recognize Events when Examples are Scarce

Amir Habibian, Thomas Mensink, Cees Snoek
In Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (PAMI) | 2016 | to appear.
[bibtex] [pdf]


Video Stream Retrieval of Unseen Queries using Semantic Memory

Spencer Cappallo, Thomas Mensink, Cees Snoek
In British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC) | 2016 | Oral.
[bibtex] [pdf]


Online Open World Recognition

Rocco de Rosa, Thomas Mensink, Barbara Caputo
Technical report | ArXiV | 2016.
[bibtex] [pdf]

  • Teaching
    • 2017 Computer Vision II, MSc AI
    • 2016 Applied Machine Learning, MSc IS (HCM and DS track)
    • 2013-2015 Visual Search Engines, MSc IS (HCM track)
  • Current MSc Supervision
    • MSc IS 2017: Daniël Bartolomé-Rojas, Diederik Beker, Michal Kozal, Yu-Ri Tan, Madli Uutma, Bastiaan Waanders, and Aeron Yung
    • Msc AI 2017: Ysbrand Galema, Thomas Jongstra (finished March'17) and Sébastien Negrijn
  • Current BSc Supervision
    • BSc AI 2017: Caitlin Lagrand

Teaching & Supervision